SowNaked Oats


A Better Commercial Oat

A High-Protein, Low-Impact Gluten Free Oat

Available as groats, flakes and flours, SowNaked® Oats are a versatile plant-based source of better nutrition for your customers.




than a traditional oat

They’re grown under Purity Protocol, the highest gluten-free standard, allowing no more than 5 ppm of gluten.



Fewer Carbon Emissions

than a traditional oat

Because this non-GMO variety naturally lacks hulls, these gluten-free oats can be processed with significantly less energy.

Supply Chain Resiliency

At Bay State Milling, we’ve worked to create a   resilient and redundant, identity-preserved supply chain, all the way back to the family farms where SowNaked® Oats are grown to ensure your products are never out of stock.

Granola based snacks

Innovate Deliciously​

SowNaked® Oats add a heartier texture and a nutty, slightly toasted and sweet taste.

SowNaked® Oats can also add more protein to any plant-based dairy application, increasing on-pack nutritional claims while helping to protect the planet.

Granola Bar
Granola Clusters
Oatmeal and Cereal
Overnight Oats
Dairy Alternatives
Gluten-Free Baking Mixes
Gluten-free baking mixes

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