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On a Mission to Create
a Better Food System

For 125 years, Bay State Milling has been on a mission to provide access to healthy, delicious, responsibly sourced and produced food ingredients. This relentless pursuit of better has spanned five generations of family ownership and continues to evolve as our food system and the way we eat changes. But one thing remains constant – relationships. From the seed, to the lab, to the mill, our team of experts works with partners throughout the value chain to ensure every product that includes our ingredients lives up to our mission.

Highest Quality Ingredients for Every Application

Our broad range of traditional and gluten-free flours, grains, seeds, mixes, and blends are responsibly sourced from our dedicated supplier and grower partners, expertly processed and milled to meet exacting specifications, shipped from our strategically located facilities and seamlessly integrated into our customers’ operations – where they’re transformed into the wholesome foods consumers love.

with Innovation

From reinventing existing products to developing new ones, our team of food and grain scientists, culinary experts, and nutritionists work collaboratively with our partners and customers from the field to the kitchen. From our innovation hub, The Rothwell GrainEssentials Center, our team develops products that are nutritious, delicious and on-trend with consumers’ ever-changing palates.

to Quality

We deliver more than ingredients to our customers; we deliver peace of mind. At Bay State Milling, we partner directly with growers at origin – forging strong relationships and providing a reliable supply of raw materials essential to navigating today’s dynamic market conditions. And it is just as important, we hold ourselves accountable – putting stringent quality assurance protocols in place and certifying our ingredients to the highest standards.

Chickpea field in Montana


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