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A High-Fiber Flour with Big Benefits

HealthSense high-fiber flour has up to 10 times the fiber of traditional refined wheat flour – with the same great taste and versatility – so you can enjoy all of the foods you love, just made better for you.

Healthsense High Fiber Wheat


The fiber of traditional

wheat flour

Refined Flour

From just one ingredient: wheat. HealthSense is made from a unique, non-GMO variety of wheat that contains much more prebiotic fiber than traditional wheat.

Deliciousness That's Better-for-You

From nutrient-packed morning muffins and bagels to fiber-rich brownies, pasta and tortillas and pizza crusts, HealthSense high-fiber refined flour can make any meal deliciously better-for-you.

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Why You Need More Fiber (and HealthSense) Everyday

With more than 70% of your immune cells residing in your gut, consuming foods rich in prebiotic fiber creates an environment for your immune cells to thrive. That’s why the fiber in HealthSense flour, which naturally contains prebiotic benefits, is so important. HealthSense helps to feed the good bacteria in your gut to support a balanced digestive system and better immune health.
5% Americans

And, with just 5% of Americans consuming the recommended amount of daily fiber needed for optimal gut and immune health, HealthSense is an easy way to get more of the good with lower net carbs and fewer calories, too.

What other products are made with HealthSense?

You can already find HealthSense as an ingredient in some of your favorite foods – like that better-for-you ice cream cone, or bowl of pasta puttanesca. We’ve also created our own product: an all-purpose retail flour, Flourish Fiber from the Farm, to bring HealthSense directly to your favorite at-home recipes. Let us know where you’d like to see HealthSense next!

Our Commitment to Better-For-You Starts in the Field

Our commitment to delicious, better-for-you ingredients starts in the fields – long before it reaches your table. Working with family farms, we’ve established a community-oriented approach to responsibly grow the specialty wheat used in HealthSense. Grower partnerships are one of the unique ways in which we’re investing in agriculture and America’s rural communities.

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