HealthSense™ Featured in FoodNavigator Webinar on Fiber and Holistic Health

Granola Bars

On Wednesday July 29th, Bay State Milling sponsored and delivered a webinar that addressed a very timely topic related to fiber and holistic health. Titled, “The Fiber Effect: Why Immune Health Matters & How the Food Industry is Innovating in the Era of COVID-19,” the panel session was jointly presented by subject matter experts Shelley Balanko, Ph.D., from the Hartman Group; Christy Brissette, president of 80 Twenty Nutrition; and Matthew Jacobs, Director of Strategic Marketing at Bay State Milling. The webinar covered the consumer trends, nutrition science and product innovation that HealthSense™ high fiber flour addresses.

The webinar will be available to view from the On-Demand Webinar section on the FoodNavigator site here for the next three months, following a step of free registration.