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In Food? Pasta!

Year of the Noodle

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In the US, we eat 2.7 million tons of pasta a year. And 2021 is the year of the noodle –with professional and home chefs, social influencers and even retailers looking for hot takes on this comfort food staple.

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It's Time to Rethink
the Noodle

But consumers want more from their noodles. Covid-19 has made health a high priority and foods like pasta, especially fiber-rich and better-for-you formulations, can help them to meet their health goals while enjoying the foods they love.

That’s why ingredients like HealthSense high-fiber wheat flour and Bay State Milling’s gluten-free pasta flours, blends and custom formulations matter.

High-Fiber Wheat Flour

With the same great taste and versatility of traditional flour, HealthSense high-fiber refined flour has up to 10x the fiber of traditional wheat flour to help create products that support gut and immune health with lower net carbs and fewer calories.

And HealthSense’s commitment to good extends beyond the kitchen table with its community-oriented approach to growing wheat— paying a premium to partners for their commitment to a better crop.

HealthSense High-Fiber Wheat Flour


the fiber of
traditional refined
wheat flour

10 Bags of traditional refined wheat flour

HealthSense high-fiber wheat flour offers an alternative to durum wheat providing the same functionality and taste benefits of semolina – while providing availability and pricing stability since it’s produced in a closed loop supply chain and vertically integrated grower network.

Pasta Flours,
Blends and
Custom Formulations

Bay State Milling’s gluten-free flours, blends and custom formulations add serious nutrition credentials to pasta, adhere to strict gluten-free quality protocols and are on-trend with what consumers want.

At Bay State, we take gluten-free seriously, working with communities of trusted supply partners across the globe to ensure our flours and custom blends are of the highest quality and are also supply chain resilient. Our gluten-free pasta options can add nutrition– and great taste– to any noodle. Here’s a look at our offerings:


Rice flour provides a functional foundation on which you can layer flavor and nutrition from ancient grains or chickpeas; substitute white rice with brown rice flour to up the fiber and whole grain ante while maintaining strong functionality.


A whole grain packed with protein, antioxidants and key nutrients, millet flour can take any noodle from zero to nutrition hero.


Still the reigning heavyweight champ of ancient grains, quinoa is a good source of macro and micronutrients, adding nutritional creds to any facts panel and consumer appeal to any label; the mild flavor pairs well with other ancient grains and rice or corn flour.


This ancient grain packs a nutritional punch as a complete source of plant-based protein and adds a mild peppery flavor to pastas.


Rich in protein and iron, sorghum adds a mild, wheaty flavor and health creds to amp up your average pasta.


This highly nutritious whole grain adds an earthy, nutty flavor to any noodle.


The “it” ingredient, these legumes are everywhere, and work great in pasta, adding a protein and fiber boost while imparting a subtle flavor; chickpea flour works well on its own or blended with rice flour or other gluten free ingredients.

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